Permanent Residency in Australia

Permanent Residency in Australia

Permanent Residency Information

Most people would like to live in the country that is safe, prosperous, enjoys good standard of living and has a pleasant climate. This is possibly the reason why there are a lot of people around the world that highly regard Australian permanent residency (PR) status. This can explain why more and more individuals and families are trying to obtain PR status in Australia.

It is important to go into more details and facts about permanent residency to better understand how best to get to this goal. First of all, PR status will not immediately grant you Australian citizenship. Once becoming a permanent resident of Australia, there is a period of time that needs to be vested before you can apply to become Australian national. At the writing of this article, that period of time is 4 years.

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Another vital piece of information is that Australian Government supports dual citizenship if that is what you are trying to achieve. You can decide to pursue this path only if your country of origin also allows dual nationality.

Since the way to get Australian citizenship needs to be post cursor to obtaining permanent residency status, we will focus this article on ways to become Australian permanent resident. There are multiple ways of achieving PR status in this country.

Settling in Australia can begin by either being granted one of the following visa categories: skilled or worker migrant visa, student visas, family migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants. Once you obtain one of the above mentioned visa classes, you can make an application for permanent residency status. Allow us to go into a little more details about each of the fore mentioned visa types.

Workers immigration

This is for people with professional skills who have been sponsored by an Australian or overseas based employer or people who possess skills that are currently required in Australia. It can also be for business people who are looking to develop and manage their existing business or invest in Australia. There are so called specialist entry, doctors and nurses, regional employment and few others that fall under this category.

Student visas

Various criteria determines the assessment of your student visa application such as your passport country and course or courses of study you are intending to attend. Student visa chooser is a handy tool in determining your eligibility and is available on Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship website

Family Members immigration

Existing Australian and eligible New Zealand citizens as well as Australian permanent residents can help sponsor their fiancés, partners, children, parents and other family members. Reuniting families is the purpose of this program.

Refugee and Humanitarian program

As part of Australian government international obligations and the government’s desire to be able to respond effectively to global humanitarian problems, refugee and humanitarian program was launched. This program has onshore and offshore resettlement and protection streams.

In summary, to be eligible for Australian permanent residency status, one would need to acquire either of the above mentioned visas first. Once a person or a whole family are in the country on one of these visas, an application for permanent residency would be the next step. Migration agent or immigration lawyers are best people to help with the visa application. To get more details on the above visa and permanent residency eligibility, we recommend visiting Australian Government Department of Immigration website. Click here to contact registered migration agent in Sydney today.


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